We provide software solutions and services for medical image analysis

Software Solutions

Segment CMR is a high-quality and complete clinical software solution for your cardiac MRI analysis needs. It is the only clinically approved software solution on the market for cardiac strain analysis including both feature tracking and tagging analysis in one package.

Complete software solution that takes you from DICOM image to ready-to-print high-quality 3D model. Segment 3DPrint is your support tool to personalize patient care and to better plan surgery.

Enhance your cardiac CT analysis with the automatic analysis methods in Segment CT for high-quality and reproducible results. Combination of optimized clinical workflow and flexibility and batch export script for research use

Segment is a high-quality and complete software solution for your animal image analysis needs. It is designed to be simple to use and with a broad range of image analysis options.

Segment is freely available for research purposes provided that you cite relevant publications and the usage of the software in your publications. Segment includes a broad range of analysis tools for MRI, CT and Myocardial perfusion SPECT images

Cardiac strain analysis software solution with the highest reproducibility on the market. Only clinical software on the market including both feature tracking and tagging analysis in one package that are CE-marked and FDA certified

Medical Services

We provide services for generation of medical 3D models and 3D printed models. Upload CT or MR images and let our experts perform segmentation work and deliver either digital files or printed models. Our personnel have expertise in both medical anatomy, image analysis and 3D printing. We understand your clinical question and ensure you rapidly get high-quality models to support your clinical work.

We can provide complete package for getting your medical software product ready for CE-marking and/or FDA 510(k) application. We are specialised in the regulatory framework for medical image analysis software and have more than 10 years of experience in the field. We offer a very broad and flexible regulatory consulting, everything from smaller consulting project, education to a complete regulatory package to take your product from idea to regulatory application.

We offer advanced imaging solutions, both as standalone applications as well as algorithms to OEM partners. We have long experience of developing algorithms for analysis in MR, CT, SPECT and PET and for a wide spread of organs.

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