Segment 3DPrint

Software solution for medical 3D printing

Complete software solution that takes you from DICOM image to ready-to-print high-quality 3D model, without any need for additional software for further postprocessing

Segment 3DPrint is your support tool to personalize patient care. The 3D models will help you to better plan surgery and reduce operation time, which are key points for infection risk reduction and cost savings


  • Complete clinical software solution for 3D printing
  • Intuitive: Easy to learn and use
  • Full freedom: in designing the model
  • Save your time: Make a 3D model in the highest quality in fast and simple manner
  • The unique and easy to use segmentation workflow makes it possible to perform segmentation of any part of the body in a few steps
  • We support you in every step so you can focus on providing the best healthcare for your patients
  • We offer flexible license terms adapted to your needs
  • Bears the CE –mark of conformity

Key features

  • Efficient automatic and semi-automatic 3D segmentation tools
  • Edge based segmentation
  • Interactive 3D preview of segmented objects
  • Interactive refinement of 3D model with smoothing and hollowing features
  • Split 3D objects in a simple manner
  • Combine multiple objects into a final result
  • Dedicated  segmentation modules for:
    • Automatic cardiac LV / RV segmentation
    • Skull segmentation and Reconstruction modules
    • Vessel segmentation
  • Adding support structures
  • Labelling of the segmented object
  • Import of STL-files
  • High quality output STL-files or obj-files ready for 3D printing
  • Measurements, annotation points in 2D and 3D
  • Imbedded patient database with commenting feature
  • PACS connectivity for efficient clinical workflow
Unique segmentation method
Efficient and adaptable automatic and semi-automatic 3D segmentation tools.
Interactive 3D preview
Interactive 3D preview of segmented objects. Split objects, add labels and support structures directly in the 3D models.
Cardiac module
Automatic tools for quick and exact segmentation of cardiac ventricles in CT and MR images.
Interactive refinement
Tools for interactive smoothing and hollowing. You directly see the affect of the refinement before applying it.
Cranioplasty module
Dedicated module for design of moulds and implant to be used in cranioplasty.
Labelling and support structure
Easy-to use methods for labelling of the 3D object and adding support structures.

Segment 3DPrint workflow

Segment 3DPrint is end to end software solution, which covers all steps from medical image importing thorough 3D modelling process to high-quality stl output.

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