Segment Pre-clinical

Software solution for quantitative image analysis

Segment is a high-quality and complete software solution for your animal image analysis needs. It is designed to be simple to use and with a broad range of image analysis options for CT, MRI and SPECT images.

It provides flexible analysis options and has FDA 510(k) clearance.


  • Saves your time thanks to deep learning algorithms for quick and exact contouring applicable to both small and large animal data
  • One solution to cover your image analysis needs for multiple imaging modalities – reducing the number of software solutions you need
  • Empower your data analysis by provide you  detailed quantification results
  • We offer flexible license terms adapted to your needs. 
  • We support you in every step so you quickly can get your analysis results
  • Intuitive: Easy to learn and use
  • Compatible with image data from all main pre-clinical imaging system
  • Unique: Cardiac strain analysis solution for both feature tracking and tagging data applicable to both small and large animal data
  • Segment has FDA 510(k) clearance

Key features

All methods are applicable to both small and large animal data

  • LV analysis by machine learning algorithms
  • RV analysis by efficient automatic and semi-autoamtic tools
  • Viability analysis by fully automated segmentation of scar
  • Strain analysis in LV and RV
  • Flow analysis with automatic vessel tracking
  • Relaxometry analysis with uncertainty estimates for quantification of T1, T2, T2* and ECV
  • Perfusion analysis with automatic motion correction
  • Measurements, annotation pointsi n 2D and 3D
  • Signal intensity analysis for unlimited number of ROIs
LV and RV analysis
Quantification of volumes for the LV and RV. Deep learning methods provide you with fast and reliable segmentations.
Viability analysis
Automatic and throughtout validated viability analysis extensively validated in both human and animal data gives you quantification values for both extent and severity of scar and risk area.
Relaxometry analysis
T1/T2/T2*/ECV quantification for commonly used MRI sequences and multiple signal models.
Strain analysis
LV and RV strain analysis with the highest reproducibility on the market. Applicable in both feature tracking and tagging images and in short-axis and long-axis.
Flow analysis
2D Flow quantification with automatic vessel tracking with different types of eddy-current compensations and phase unwrapping. Shunt and valve analysis together with QP/QS and Pulse Wave Velocity analysis help you to broaden the assessment of blood flow parameters.
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Perfusion analysis
Automatic upslope quantification for both rest and stress image stacks with motion correction. Quick manual scoring method with automatic alignment and no need for contouring.
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