We support you in every step and provide you with direct assistance for software support

If you have any questions or support requests about our software products, please send us request to

We love to get feedback and are happy to hear from you about new software feature request and any potential question or software issue. We see our users as collaboration partners and always do our best to meet your requests. You can at any time upgrade to the latest software version found at our download page. Our unique software development platform allows us to have a quick turnaround time and provide updated software versions in a short time.

How to make a support request

If the support request is related to a data set, the easiest way to send us a support request is to use the “Support Request” feature under the Help menu in the software. Fill in the form and don`t forget to attach the DICOM / .mat-file associated with the support request.

You can also send your support questions to As applicable, please include the following:

  • Issue description
  • Error log
  • DICOM data
  • Analyzed files (.mat-files)

If you have large data files to attach, you can send the data with Medvisos ftp account or file sharing services such as Dropbox, WeTransfer, etc. Email us to for getting login details to our FTP server.

Research support

As we have several hundreds of research group using the software daily, the time for supporting the free research only version of Segment is limited. However, we encourage all users to submit any possible questions or problems and we’ll try our best to help out.

Researchers can purchase an academic support contract for additional software support. For details, go to Segment product page. Please contact for further details or to request a quote

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