We empower healthcare and researchers to make a difference.


Our mission is to take the latest research into clinical routine.

We believe that we can change research and clinical routine by providing image analysis tools developed together with researchers and clinicians. By providing our research software Segment freely available for research purposes, we make it possible for researchers everywhere to use a well validated software solution for image analysis. The close collaboration with Lund Cardiac MR Group at Lund University and Skåne University Hospital make it possible to develop the best tools for image analysis for both clinical and research purposes.


Helen has a PhD in medical image analysis and over 15 years of experience in medical device software. Prior, she worked as an Engineer at Skane University hospital.


Einar has a PhD and over 20 years of experience in medical image analysis. He is the senior engineer in the research group Cardiac MR group at Lund University.


Christel has a Bachelor of Science and is our administrative contact person. She will help you with all your questions about software licences, quotes, and invoices.


Karolina has a Master of Science in Engineering and over 10 years of experience in clinical application of medical devices. She is our expert in the application of our software packages.


Jelena has a PhD in medical image analysis and over 15 years of experience in software development. She is our expert in the implementation of our software packages.


Anette has a Licentiate in Biomedical Engineering. She is our expert in the regulation of our software packages.


Justine has a Bachelor of Science in microengineering and medical technology. She is one of our exellent software developers.


Medviso Quality Policy

  • We strive to achieve world-leading validated and reliable solutions for medical image analysis in close partnership with clinicians and researchers.
  • We put patients and clinicians first by empowering our users with efficient and adaptable tools.
  • The foundation for achieving this is the competence and personal growth of our employees in a proactive communicative culture.
  • We will work with agile development, and by continual improvement we commit to meet applicable regulatory requirements and deliver value to our customers.

Medviso career

Master thesis project

We are open to master thesis student projects. Please contact Einar Heiberg to discuss possibilities with us. We are looking for talented students typically interested in medical image processing. You should have a good experience in Matlab and be a team player.
Master thesis projects will be associated both by Medviso as well as Lund Cardiac MR Group. Thesis works are typically formally enlisted either at the Centre of Mathematical Science or the Department of Biomedical Engineering.

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