Our software packages provides a seamless solution for combining clinic and research

We provide software solutions to seamless  combining clinic and research. Your clinical analysis made in Segment CMR, Segment 3DPrint or Segment CT can directly be accessed and further processed in our freely available research software Segment by a broad range of custom-made research analysis tools. You can easily batch process large study cohorts directly from your clinical patient database. This will save you time and open up new possibilities for using your already clinically segmented and annotated images in your research.

Contact us for help setting up the Segment solution for your clinic to fully utilize your clinical data in your research.

*to setup the Segment Solution!

Benefits by using Segment solution in your clinical and research environment

  Free Research Solution
Segment is available for free for all researchers without any hidden cost. Our software support provides you with an outstanding and constant assistance throughout your projects. We do not leave any email from you unanswered.

  From Research to Clinic
The transition from research workflow to the clinical routine will be a smooth process by using the same software packages for research and clinical work.
The tools are the same, so you only need to learn one software.

  Export Tools
The Segment research version is developed for research purposes and provides you with user selections and export tools that are not available in a clinical software. You can also add own plugins to Segment.

  Overview of Data
You will get a good overview of your data by having both clinical and research data available in the Segment software. This enables comprehensive search in all your data. You can access your clinical database directly in your research software including all clinical annotations in a complete and adjustable format.

  PACS and Scanner Connectivity
Set up our Segment server solution and send data directly from the scanner to either or both the clinical database and research
database. This will streamline both your clinical and research workflow.

  Tailored to Your Needs
Segment is developed by researchers for researchers. We understand scientific projects challenges, therefore we implement requested features straight-away on demand. So far Segment has been used in over 800 peer-review publications.

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