Together we can do more

We have a close day to day collaboration with Lund Cardiac MR Group with focus on research applications and providing you with the freely available research package Segment.

Our partnership with Siemens Healthcare provide you with our software solution Segment CMR and the Strain Analysis Module on the Siemens Healthineers Digital Marketplace.

Together with Katholieke Universiteit Leuven we develop the Strain analysis module.

Anton Hipp is our partner for providing medical 3D printing solutions to Asia, Middle East and South America.

Acton Engineering is our solutions provider in India.

Together with Imacor we develop and provide a unique 21 CRF part 11 compliant web-based  image transfer in clinical trials. Imacor is our cardiovascular core lab analysis partner.

We have a close collaboration with Skåne University Hospital for development of analysis algorithms and solutions to maximize throughput. Another area of collaboration is 3D printing where we together work on efficient clinical tools and setup.

We have a close collaboration with Linköping University Hospital for image analysis of large cohort data.

Our resellers Alphacam, CADvision, Energy group, InfoTRON and LaserLines provides a complete 3D printing solution for healthcare with 3D printer and our software solution Segment 3DPrint.

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