The source code version of Segment is now found at GitHub.

Segment is a comprehensive software package for medical image analysis. Segment is freely available for research purposes provided that you cite relevant publications and the usage of the software in your publications according to here.

Segment is developed with cardiovascular MRI (CMR) in mind, but it has also been validated using Cardiac CT and Myocardial Perfusion SPECT. The software package can also be used for a wide range of Radiology and Cardiology applications. Segment is FDA 510(k) approved with 510(k) number K090833.

Segment is developed by Medviso AB in collaboration with Lund Cardiac MR Group at Lund University.

Software formats

Segment is released in two formats; the Stand-alone format and the Source code format. Both formats are freely available for research purposes. The stand-alone format is the general default format for users who wants to use the software. The stand-alone format is downloaded here. The Source code format is for you who wants to do your own plug-ins to Segment in Matlab. To download the source code format of Segment, go to GitHub.

Main features of Segment

  • Freely available for non commercial research purposes provided that you cite relevant publications about the software.
  • Available both in standalone and Matlab source code format.
  • Ease of manual interaction.
  • Vendor independent.
  • Functionality for all parts of cardiac image analysis.
  • Customizable and scriptable (source code version).
  • Validated and published algorithms, this is crucial for doing good research.
  • Facilitate multi-center studies by using the same software.


Segment User Manual

Segment Installation Manual

Segment Technical Manual

Tutorial Videos

Getting started Overview Flow analysis Region of interest analysis Annotations

Academic support contract

We offer Academic premium support contract for 800 Eur/year. With a valid support contract you can at all times contact us by email or request video conferences for assistance. We also assist you with developing additions to Segment and writing own plug-ins. Depending on the scope of request we also implement custom functionality included in the support contract. Please contact to get more information and request a quote.

Additional modules

The most of our image analysis algorithms are included in the freely available version of Segment. The modules that are defined as additional modules in the software product table found at the startpage, are commercially available for academic researchers. Please contact to request a quote.

Use of Segment

The software Segment is freely available for academic research purposes provided that you cite relevant publications about the software. Please also send full bibliographic information (such as Pubmed link) of your final work when published or accepted for publication. We define academic research purposes as projects where the funding to the major part comes from governmental funds or donations. The use of Segment for educational purposes is also regarded as non commercial use. If answer for the examined patient is written back to the referring doctor this is considered to be clinical use and is not covered by academic research purposes. Please also note that the definition of academic research does in general not cover clinical trials. Note that the software is copyright protected and may not be redistributed/resold without permission.