The Segment software packages provide you with a complete solution for cardiac image analysis of MRI and CT images and 3D printing. We are dedicated to help you find the best software solution for your clinic to take your image analysis to the next level.


We develop our software solutions in close partnership with our users to provide you with efficient tools adaptable to your needs.

Complete image management solution

We provide you with a complete image management and analysis solution for your clinic. The software packages include integrated server solution for sending images directly from the scanner or PACS system to the software. All you annotations and analysis could be stored both in the integrated patient database and in PACS and at any time be loaded into the software for continued processing. The software packages are to be set up on a standard PC and not special solution are needed.

Latest analysis methods

We work together with leading researchers to provide you with validated tools for the clinical work. Our focus is to take the latest research into clinical routine and the monthly new software upgrades are always included for our customers.

Seamless combination of clinic and research

Imagine if you easily could access all your clinically analyzed data directly in your research work and have customized research algorithms available to apply to your large clinical database. With Segment software package you can! The clinical data you analyze and store with Segment CMR and Segment CT can be directly access from Segment. You can share the patient database between the software packages and use the many batch analysis and export tools in Segment to analyze big cohort data. Since almost all analysis algorithms are available in Segment, clinical data can also be further processed in Segment to get out research specific data from your clinical database.

Words from our users

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Medviso’s Segment provides an invaluable software platform for cardiac imaging analysis that both provides excellent tools, but also a powerful and flexible platform for developing implementing your own plug-ins for new tools. The staff at Medviso provide an exceptional speed of service, technical expertise, and enthusiasm for research that has been instrumental for the success of our clinical and translational research.

Martin Ugander, MD, PhD, Associate Professor
Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden

We have been using Medviso products since 2011 (currently, it is Segment CMR with strain module). In the university hospital setting, with two scanners in the lab (1,5T and 3,0T, from two vendors), a multi-vendor external software was necessary for comparisons and verification. Having been already familiar with Segment as a free software package, we went for Segment commercial products. The price/benefit ratio seemed by far the most appealing. We have been offered timely onsite training and good working contact was maintained thereafter – with frequent PACS settings changes that were periodically implemented in our hospital, we needed assistance at times. Even when this required some exchange with third parties, solutions were in place fast, while we continued our usual routine. As end-users, we appreciate the fact that Segment CMR package is evolving. New features are being added and the UI is continuously optimized.
Last, but not least, using Medviso products resulted in additional research opportunities. Working with Medviso is an entirely positive experience.

Karolina Dorniak MD, PhD
Medical University of Gdansk.

Segment has been of great use to us in multiple drug discovery studies with cardiac endpoints. We especially appreciate Medviso’s willingness to adapt their analysis platform to customer input.

Lars Johansson
Chief Strategy Officer, Antaros Medical