The cardiac strain analysis solution with high

With the strain analysis module you can perform strain analysis in both MR cine images and MR tagging images in both long-axis and short-axis image stacks. Strain can be measured in both LV and RV and the strain result is presented and exported for a broad range of measurements.

The Strain analysis module is an additional module to Segment or Segment CMR. Integrate the module with Segment CMR and you have a clinical solution for quantitative strain analysis. Add the module to Segment and you have a research solution for analysis and customized export of cardiac strain.

Key features:

  • LV and RV strain analysis
  • Short-axis and long-axis
  • Feature tracking in cine and Tagging analysis in tagged images
  • Radial, circumferential and longitudinal strain reported globally and sector wise
  • Strain over time and peak strain
  • Strain presented in 17-segment bullseye plot
  • Strain rate, rotation and torsion
  • Dyssyncrony analysis
  • Export functionality for movies, images and strain values

The module has been developed in close collaboration with researchers at Cardiovascular Imaging and Dynamics, Dept. of Cardiovascular Sciences at KU Leuven in Belgium. The Strain module bears the CE marking of conformity and has FDA 510(k) clearance with 510(k) number K163076 as a module to Segment CMR.