In Segment there are many different ways to visualize the images and data. Click on the tabs below to learn some more about Segment visualization capabilities.

Viewing Capacities

The data can be visulized either as single slice view that can be played in a cine loop. It is also possible to visualize it as a montage view where all slices are displayed. Some of the main viewing capabilities:

  • Single slice view
  • Montage view
  • Mmode view
  • View multiple image stacks at the same time, adjustable number of panels
  • Play all images syncronized as cine loops
  • Adjust playback speed
  • Adjustable brightness / contrast
  • Zoom in/Zoom out
  • Pan images
  • Flip images
  • Display of interesecting image planes
  • Display of intersecting image segmentation
  • Remember view when storing file

Top image panel shows montage view and bottom image shows an mmode view.

3D visualizations

There are many different methods to create three dimensional visualizations of the segmentations. See for instance the General Object Segmentation capabilities.

Scientific visualization

One example of many scientific visualizations are visualizing data as bullseye plots. Data in bullseye plots can easily be exported to Microsoft Excel (or clipboard).

Another example is wall thickness measurements.