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LV segmentation

The fully automated LV SPECT segmentation is carefully validated with CMR as gold standard. The algorithm have a lower bias comparable than commercially available algorithms for LV SPECT segmentation.

H. Soneson, J. F. Ubachs, M. Ugander, H. Arheden, and E. Heiberg, An Improved Method for Automatic Segmentation of the Left Ventricle in Myocardial Perfusion SPECT, J Nucl Med 50(2) pp. 205-13, 2009.

Gated LV Segmentation

One of the unique features of the algorithm is that it takes the myocardial mass from a reconstructed ungated image and keeps the myocardial mass constant in the gated sequence. The algorithm was validated using CMR as gold standard. From the gated LV segmentation the following parameters can be calculated:

  • Ejection Fraction
  • End diastolic volume
  • End systolic volume
  • Stroke volume
  • LV mass


H. Soneson, F. Hedeer, C. Arevalo, M. Carlsson, H. Engblom, J. F. Ubachs, H. Arheden, and E. Heiberg, Development and validation of a new automatic algorithm for quantification of left ventricular volumes and function in gated myocardial perfusion SPECT using cardiac magnetic resonance as reference standard, J Nucl Cardiol, 2011.

Quantification of Myocardium at Risk

Another algorithm is implemented to quantify myocardium at risk (MaR) during accute coronary occlusion. In this method an anatomical model of the vessel territories is implemented to improve the accuracy of the algorithm. The right image shows an example where Segment MaR to to the left a) and manual segmentation in b). Note the attenuation perfusion defect at the position of the white arrow. The MaR algorithm calculates:

  • Extent
  • Severity by TPD
  • Severity index

H. Soneson, H. Engblom, E. Hedstrom, F. Bouvier, P. Sorensson, J. Pernow, H. Arheden, and E. Heiberg, An automatic method for quantification of myocardium at risk from myocardial perfusion SPECT in patients with acute coronary occlusion, J Nucl Cardiol 17(5) pp. 831-40, 2010.

Quantification of stress-induced ischemia and infarction

The fully automated perfusion analysis algorithm is carefully validated using visual scoring in SPECT by expert readers as gold standard. The algorithm perform quantification of both infarction and stress induced ischemia by comparing rest and stress data after co-registration of the two image stacks.






H. Fransson, M. Ljungberg, M. Carlsson, H. Engblom, H. Arheden, and E. Heiberg, Validation of an automated method to quantify stress-induced ischemia and infarction in rest-stress mycoardial perfusion SPECT, J Nucl Cardiol, 2014.