Custom Development

Custom Development

Medviso AB offer advanced imaging solutions, both as standalone applications as well as algorithms to OEM partners. We have experience of developing algorithms for analysis in MR, CT, SPECT and PET and for a wide spread of organs.

We have developed a general segmentation module for segmentation of general objects. It is a fast level set algorithm including a novel method that is able to learn a priori information from a limited number of examples (typically 5-10).

Advanced DICOM Reader

We have over the years acquired detailed knowledge of different MRI, CT and SPECT vendors propriety DICOM tags. Examples of difficult areas are how different vendors store phase contrast information or how to deduce timing between time frames. Medviso AB technology also includes a graphical series selector, anonymization, sorting etc.

Consultancy work

We also have experience in developing novel image processing algorithms on a consultancy basis. One of our strengths is developing image processing algorithms on a consultancy basis. We have a unique software platform that allows for rapid prototyping, and the software process is designed to automatically develop all necessary documents required for FDA 510(k)  and CE mark applications during the design and implementation. This means that once a product is finalized it is also possible to send in an FDA 510(k) application and/or CE mark application.

Most of our algorithms are written in Matlab, but can easily be translated to C/C++. Time critical parts of the algorithms are already implemented in C/C++. Generally most algorithms are sold/licensed on a non exclusive basis.

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