Segment CT

Segment CT

Segment CT is the image analysis solution for clinical CT. It includes features for cardiac CT, such as functional analysis, MIP view, and advanced reporting. Segment CT is designed to be simple to use and with a daily clinical workflow in mind.

Segment CT bears the CE marking of conformity and is built on the FDA 510(k) approved software Segment.

Is Segment CT the right choice for you?

Six reasons to choose Segment CT:

  • Quality automated delineation tools that saves analysis time.
  • Validated methods. The methods are well validated in numerous scientific studies.
  • Vendor independent. Don’t get your self locked-up.
  • Flexible and committed support team.
  • Use existing hardware, save space and money.
  • Software package including advanced research tools.

Please contact if you are interested in an evaluation and a quote of the software.


Instructions for use

 Segment CT Instructions for Use

 Segment CT Bruksanvisning – Svenska

Supplementary manuals

 Segment CT Installation Manual

Patient Database and PACS Communication Manual

Sectra PACS Plugin User Manual