Products overview

Segment CMR

Segment CMR is advanced clinical CMR analysis and reporting software. It includes all features necessary for CMR, such as functional analysis, valve analysis, viability analysis and advanced reporting. Segment CMR is designed to be simple to use and with a daily clinical workflow in mind.

Segment CT

Segment CT is the image analysis solution for cardiac CT. It includes features necessary for CT analysis, such as functional analysis and advanced reporting. Segment CT is designed to be simple to use and with a daily clinical workflow in mind.


Screen shot of SegmentSegment is image analysis software freely available for researchers. The software is available both in standalone version as well as source code format that allows for user extensions and add-ins. Segment have been downloaded by thousands of researchers from over 75 countries. Each week about one scientific paper is published that has used Segment.

Strain analysis module

The strain analysis module is an additional module to Segment or Segment CMR. It allows analysis of MR tagging or MR cine image stacks for quantification of radial, circumferential and longitudinal strain in the myocardium.

Custom Development

We perform custom software development either as image analysis algorithms, or whole OEM solutions. Our strength is developing image processing algorithms on a consultancy basis. We have a unique software platform that allows for rapid prototyping, and the software process is designed to automatically develop all necessary documents required for CE mark and FDA 510(k) application during the design and implementation. This means that once a product is finalized it is also possible to send in an CE mark and/or FDA 510(k) application.

Sectra PACS plugin

The Sectra PACS plugin is a module where Segment, Segment CMR or Segment CT works as a plugin to Sectra PACS. It allows the Sectra PACS user to acess all of Segment’s capabilities by just a right click in the loaded image stack. It is the perfect workflow integration.

Core lab services and image transfer

Togheter with Imacor AB, Medviso provides core lab services and an image transfer solution. The Segment Transfer solution provides internet based protocols for image transfer between sites and core lab.