Support is a priority

The strength of Medviso is our flexibility and unique software development platform, which allow us to constantly test the software and facilitates fixing bugs or making enhancements. This allows us to give direct and fast support. Usually most bugs are fixed within 48 hours after being reported for commercial users.

As we have several hundreds of research group using the software, the time for supporting the research only version of Segment is limited. However, we encourage all users to submit any possible questions or problems and we’ll try our best to help out. Researchers can purchase an academic support contract. For details, see this page. Please contact for further details or to request a quote.

How to make a support request

Send your support questions to Please include the following:

  • Error log (if applicable)
  • DICOM data (if applicable)
  • Matfiles (if applicable)

If you have large data files to attach, you can use Medvisos ftp account. The address is, and user name is 131599_support and the password is support followed by the current year with four digits without any underscores or space. If you upload material for us to look at, please also send an email outlining the problem, so that we know what to look for.

Data can also be send using the support request form found under the Help menu in the software.

How to prepare for Webex conference

We often use Webex as a tool to share our screen and see your screen when we help you out. We can also use Skype, but normally we prefer Webex. For the most efficient use of your and our time, please look at the checklist below.

  • Be on time, or even 5 minutes before. If you have not used the software before there is a small component that needs to be downloaded. It takes a few minutes to do so.
  • Prepare by giving us a phone number so that we can reach you if there is some delay or technical problems. If you do not have suitable head sets or speakers, then we can do the audio over phone.
  • To be able to access sound (both hear and talk) you need to select Connect to Audio and ensure that the box turns green when connected.