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This page contains resources for 3D printing for Medviso, and Stratasys distributors. Do not distribute the resources on this pages without written consent by Medviso AB (i.e confirm by email first).



Tutorial videos

Tutorial video

Ready to print models

The models are created for single material printers.

  • Aortic coarctation. This is a pediatric case with a coarctation of the aorta (i.e narrowing). The clinical question is for the surgeon to be able to see the coarctation and the surrounding vessels in order to decide on the best strategy for surgical correction. Created from contrast enhanced CT images.

    File 1: aortic-coarctation.stl.

    File 2: aortic-coarctation-hollow.stl (Hollow version of the same case).

  • Coronary fistula. This case is a congenital heart disease (born defect). The patient is now middle age and there is a fistula that has formed on the coronary vessels (vessels that supply the heart with blood). Based on the CT images it is hard to visualize and understand the shape of the fistula and also to see where it originates from and where it goes. There is also an aneurysm at one end of the fistula.
    File: coronary-fistula.stl

  • Vertebra. Segmentation of the vertebraes of the lower back of a patient.
    File: vert1.stl

  • Bones in feet. Segmentation of the bones in the feet. Demonstrating tools to work with different objects, cut surfaces, and also the possibility to generate support structures for printing. Based on standard CT image from a run-off study.
    File: feet-bones-3.stl

  • Brain tumor. Case with a clear brain tumor using MRI. Illustrates possibility to segment soft tissue and cut and manipulate objects to better visualize objects of interest.
    File: brain-tumor

Software download link

License keys are require to run. Installation instructions are sent with license keys. For upgrading only Segment CT file is required.

File1: MCRInstaller_2014a
File2: Segment CT 2p2 R6335

Instructions for use

Instructions for use