The complete and easy-to use 3D printing
software solution

The 3D segmentation module includes flexible automatic and semi-automatic segmentation tools. With the module you can perform 3D segmentation for a broad range of clinical applications and quickly get your required output.

Introduction video with examples and features (02:55, no sound)

For clinical and research use

The 3D segmentation module is an additional module to Segment CT or Segment. Add the module to Segment CT and you have a complete clinical solution for 3D printing segmentation, from import DICOM images, to 3D segmentation and generation of STL-files ready for 3D-printing. Add the module to Segment and you have a research solution for quick and adaptable 3D segmentation of a wide range of structures from MRI and CT images.

Key features:

  • Efficient interactive segmentation tools
  • Simple tools to split 3D objects
  • Combine multiple objects into a final result
  • Dedicated vessel segmentation tools
  • High quality output STL-files ready for 3D printing